Weekly Reading Group: Johann Gottfried Herder

The AIPCT is pleased to announce a weekly reading group, open to the public, and led by Randall Auxier, on the work of the 18th century philosopher, theologian, and historian Johann Gottfried herder. Herder was the first Western philosopher to undertake a global philosophy of history and among the first to argue forcefully for the equality of all races. His ideas about “peoples” and their origins have remained at the heart of debates about nation and race into the present. He emphasized the historical character of reason and insisted upon its close relation to culture and practice among the peoples. The group will read the anthology of Herder’s writings called Johan Gottfried Herder on World History, eds Hans Adler and Ernest Menze, translated by Adler and Michael Palma. This book is available used from amazon and from abebooks.com.

The group will meet every Wednesday night during the fall semester at the AIPCT (411 N. 9th Street in Murphysboro), from 7 to 9 PM. Please rsvp to personalist61@gmail.com if you wish to attend some or all of the sessions. A reading list will be posted. The sessions begin on Wednesday after Labor Day, September 6.

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