Seminar by John Shook: “J.G. Herder on the Idea of God”

AIPCT is pleased to host a seminar led by John Shook University at Buffalo and Bowie State University), President of the AIPCT. The topic is: “J.G. Herder on the Idea of God,” Wednesday, November 22, 2017. The public is cordially invited. Arrival is at 7:00 PM and the seminar will begin about 7:15, extending until 9 with one short break in the middle. Beer and wine will be available, as well as light refreshments. For those who wish to read something in advance, we recommend the “Fourth Conversation” and “Fifth Conversation” from Herder’s God: Some Conversations. AIPCT Fellow Myron Jackson (Grand Valley State University) will chair and facilitate the conversation.The AIPCT has been hosting a reading group on Herder’s works since September, and those who have attended those sessions are especially encouraged to come, but this seminar is an independent discussion for one evening.

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