Book Launch: Robert De Filippis, Signals in the Noise, February 24, 2024 at 3 PM

The AIPCT is pleased to announce a book launch for the new book by Robert De Fillppis, Signals in the Noise: Encountering the Limits of Materialist Science – An Exploration of Consciousness and Reality. While still in manuscript, this book was the subject of the AIPCT reading group in spring of 2023. Now it is out and a time to celebrate the achievement. There will be a reading and and Q&A. The event is free and open to the public. Books will be available at the event. The session will be followed by a reception. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks, but there will be light refreshments, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks provided.

Those who wish to attend on-line can request a Zoom link at

The Book

“The Signals in the Noise,” groundbreaking theories about consciousness are meticulously explored, presenting an avant-garde perspective that stands to challenge our traditional, materialist viewpoints. The author leads us on an intellectual journey, questioning established materialist scientific norms and bringing forward evidence that defies materialist theories of consciousness.

The book emphasizes that consciousness persists and can even be enhanced when brain activity decreases, supported by numerous research studies involving psychedelics, near-death experiences, and other instances when brain functions are diminished. This new understanding suggests that consciousness transcends the physical confines of our biological makeup, challenging conventional notions about its origin and nature.

Furthermore, the book introduces a transformative perspective on the universe, proposing that what we perceive as material is merely a function of our sensory systems. Based on the author’s review of current theories of the composition of the cosmos, we now know everything that exists is composed of energy, with physicality representing deeper qualities that lie out of our reach. Drawing on proven quantum physics, the author presents the theory that the universe’s interconnectedness is a product of coherent quantum fields from which everything emerges and takes on the character of separateness and materiality in the 4D or manifest level we experience.

In a radical departure from mainstream materialist thought, “The Signals in the Noise” argues that consciousness is a universal phenomenon occurring in varying degrees of complexity across all organisms. The author posits that while the presence of proto-consciousness is universal, the consciousness we experience emerges in the fourth-dimensional or manifest level, an idea that, if widely accepted, can redefine our understanding of life and existence.

Finally, the author criticizes the materialist worldview, stating that this ingrained belief system creates many societal, political, religious, and environmental problems. He argues that our obstinate adherence to materialist orthodoxy drives our trajectory toward planetary destruction. Catalyzed by our capitalist system of consumption, this materialist belief system hinders our ability to recognize and correct the adverse effects of our actions.

“The Signals in the Noise” is a compelling critique of the materialist worldview, challenging our understanding of consciousness, existence, and our place in the universe. It underscores the urgency to redefine our perspectives to avert the catastrophic trajectory that our current beliefs are driving us toward. This book is a radical and thought-provoking read for anyone interested in consciousness, quantum physics, and the future of our planet.

The Author

Robert De Filippis’ is a Research Fellow of AIPCT. education has been geared toward business and psychology, with a specialization in management and organizational behavior. He is a graduate of SIU, DePaul University, Illinois Benedictine University, and is an ABD from the Union Graduate Institute in Cincinnati, OH. Bob retired in 2002 and began his final career as a writer. He is a local figure who hosts a weekly radio, Think Again, Please, show advocating deeper examination of current events and writes a weekly newspaper column for a regional news organization. He has published eight previous books on topics derived from his first book on personality trait theory from the point of view of the philosophy of language and examining the linguistic construction and development of the human personality. During his twenty-year writing career, he has also written over 800 published essays on religious-socio-political topics in the U.S. In his earlier career as an ontological coach, he focused on the deconstruction and reconstruction of ontological presuppositions with the use of psychometric testing tools to pinpoint specific areas of concern. He led the spring 2023 reading group on Consciousness and Near Death Experiences. Here is an interview with Bob.


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