Fall Reading Group: Henri Bergson beginning September 16, 2020

Fall Reading Group

The AIPCT is pleased to announce that our fall reading group will be the classic works by Henri Bergson, Time and Free Will and Matter and Memory. The group will gather by Zoom at 7:00 PM on Wednesday evenings and go until 9 PM, USA central time.

Our group leader is John August who is a resident fellow and serving as Associate Director for the 2020 academic year. John took his B.A. from Drake University, and M.A. and Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, all in philosophy. He has been a visiting professor at Western Carolina University and Appalachian State University. In spring 2019 he was a Visiting Instructor at Rhodes College, Memphis, TN. He is currently an Instructor in the Philosophy Department at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and is the AIPCT resident fellow for 2020-2021, and Associate Director for this academic year. He assists AIPCT with the website and technical issues in addition to periodic visits for research.

The group will meet by Zoom. To join the group send an rsvp to: personalist61@gmail.com.

The reading schedule is below.

Date     Text              Sections
9/16    T&FW      Author’s Preface
9/23    T&FW     Chapter 1 (pg. 1-74)
9/30    T&FW     Chapter 2 (75-140)
10/7     T&FW    Chapter 3 (140-183)
10/14   T&FW    Chapter 3 & Conclusion (184-240)
10/21   M&M      Introduction & Chapter 1 (vii-45)
10/28  M&M     Chapter 1 (45-85)
11/4     M&M     Chapter 2 (85-118)
11/11    M&M     Chapter 2 (118-169)
11/18   M&M     Chapter 3 (170-232)
1125    Thanksgiving Break (NO Meeting)
12/2    M&M    Chapter 4 (233-259)
12/9    M&M    Chapter 4 (259-298)
12/16  M&M    Conclusion (299-332)
The texts are available here:

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