AIPCT Seminar: “A Reflection on the Concept of Values in Modern Russian Discourse,” led by Diana Prokofyeva, January 11, 2024

AIPCT is pleased to present a seminar on the pressing topic of values in Russia, by AIPCT Fellow Professor Diana Prokofyeva. The seminar will be on Thursday evening, January 11, beginning at 7 PM CST. The seminar is an in-person event at AIPCT but those not able to be present can join by Zoom. For a link, write to to request a link.


The Seminar

“A Reflection on the Concept of Values in Modern Russian Discourse.” In her presentation Dr. Diana V. Prokofyeva provides her vision of the problem of values that became actual nowadays in Russian discourse. No doubt, the trigger for this topic has become a global political situation, but the problem itself appeared more than 30 years ago (after the failure of the Soviet Union). Now there has been the drawing of a line insisting upon coming back to “traditional values” but, of course, the term (the concept) itself needs concretization and deeper reflection and understanding, both on the level of academic philosophy and on the level of society and its life. So, it’s a sort of challenge, to make a short analysis of this concept outside of Russia, while it’s still a pretty new idea, and for this reason not adapted and not accepted unconditionally. It is also interesting to reflect on the question of whether there is something in common between the understanding of values (or what exactly is valuable and important) in Russia and in the US.

The Seminar Leader

Diana Prokofyeva is assistant professor at the department of Philosophy St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University in Russia. Her Ph.D. thesis was completed in 2012 at Bakshir State University, Ufa, Russia, in the field of social philosophy with the title “The Dialectic of Estrangement and Engagement: The Social-philosophical Aspects.” She joined the Phenomenology Research Center from the fall 2018 through the spring of 2019, and did a research in the fields of Personalism, Existentialism, and Phenomenology, with a focus on the problems of a Persona and human being, philosophical anthropology, and humanistic sociology, Marxism, Neo-Marxism, and Critical Theory. She has guided two previous seminars in recent years at AIPCT, and has co-hosted several events. She co-edited the selected proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Persons, Person: Encounters, Paradigms, Commitment and Applications, a collection of papers from the 15th International Conference on Persons (in Israel, August 2019), eds. Diana Prokofyeva and Colin Patterson (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2023). A previous AIPCT lecture is here.

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