Creativity and Cassirer: A Seminar by Jennifer Marra and Jared Kemling

The Cassirer and Creativity seminar will be held Sunday evening, July 22, at 6:30 PM in the Library at AIPCT. The session will be chaired by Corey McCall (Elmira College), Executive Director of the Foundation for the Philosophy of Creativity (FPC). The seminar will be in two parts. Jennifer Marra (Marquette University) will present her ideas on Cassirer and humor, and there will be a discussion. Then Jared Kemling (John A. Logan College) will present his ideas on Cassirer and intentional creativity, followed by a discussion.  The AIPCT is joining with the Foundation and the Societies for the Philosophy of Creativity to present this seminar. NOTE: Those who have come come for the William S. Minor Lecture at 3:00 are welcome to stay. Pizza will be ordered at 5, courtesy of the FPC. Ernst Cassirer (1874-1945) was a giant of 20th century philosophy who finished his career in the United States, after fleeing Germany ahead of the Nazi persecution. His ideas about symbol creative are among the most important and lasting in the field of creativity studies.


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